columnWisconsin has recently become home to a number of distilleries producing high quality spirits! This site is intended to introduce you to the distilleries and their products.

2006 saw the arrival of the first beverage distilleries to open in Wisconsin in decades with US prohibition wiping out the industry over 80 years earlier.
Why the resurgence? Because consumers who appreciate high quality, locally sourced food and beverages have grown weary of eating and drinking the mass produced products. Following the lead of craft breweries and small wineries, Wisconsin distillers are producing interesting and flavorful spirits for the discriminating consumer, just as distillers across the US did for a few hundred years before prohibition shut them down.

Take some time to explore our web site and get to know our Wisconsin made products. When you purchase the product of a Wisconsin distiller nearly all the money spent will stay in Wisconsin and you will help create Wisconsin jobs.