The Wisconsin Distillers Guild welcomes you to join. We have three levels of membership.  Please click HERE to download the Membership Form.

Distillery Membership $100 Distillery Members are voting members and must be current holders of federal and Wisconsin distilling permits (DSP) and have an annual production of less than 100,000 proof gallons.

Apprentice Membership $50  This level was created for those persons starting a new distillery that are not holders of Federal and Wisconsin
Distilled Spirits Permits (DSP) and not producing any spirits.

Associate Membership $250 Trade people and suppliers doing business with the distilling industry or any individual, partnership or corporation in an allied industry or endeavor may be admitted as a non-voting Associate member. The voting rights of an Associate Member shall be at the Board level only. An Associate Member is eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors but may not serve as an officer of the Corporation.

Enthusiast Membership – FREE Enthusiast members have a strong interest in hand crafted spirits.  We welcome all to join at the Enthusiast level.

Click HERE for a list of Enthusiast Member Benefits at participating WI Distiller’s Guild member distilleries!

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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