About Us

Wisconsin Distillers Guild, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.  In 2014 several of Wisconsin’s distillers formed this association to promote Wisconsin made spirits.  Related issues we also promote include; Wisconsin agriculture, tourism, small batch distillation and the safe enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.

bottlesWisconsin’s small distillers face many challenges including government regulation and taxation issues, and misconceptions of safety. We believe that there is a great lack of understanding of spirits when compared to other types of alcoholic beverages.

Our membership is made up of licensed DSP’s (Distilled Spirits Plants) producing beverage alcohol in Wisconsin. DSP’s are required to be licensed by both the federal government and state government. The Wisconsin Distillers Guild board is as follows:

President- Guy Rehorst, Great Lakes Distillery

Vice President- Paul Werni, 45th Parallel Distillery

Secretary/Treasurer- Amy Czaplewski

Director- Nick Quint, Yahara Bay Distillery

Director- Peter Nomm, Northern Waters Distillery

Director- Matthew Rick, Infinity Beverages

Director- Evan Hughes, Central Standard Distillery